Ging Koen Glish Business How To Sell Your Car with CarGurus

How To Sell Your Car with CarGurus

Basically, it’s included to certify that the mileage listed on the car’s odometer is accurate and no one has tampered with it. It includes information about both buyer and seller, the date of purchase, and often the purchase price, VIN, and mileage of the car being sold. Carvana will pull a vehicle history report that shows everything that was done to your car. Then, they will give you an instant cash offer that is good for the next seven days. Users can also contact sellers via the email listed on their listing page if they have any questions before making a car purchase decision. Sellers can list their vehicle for $49 per listing on the Autotrader website to reach a large audience of potential buyers. Private sales should be made with a cashier’s check for payment for your financial protection.

The Different Ways to Sell a Car

Buyers love to feel like they’re inside the car, so include several exterior angles and close-ups of the interior, dash, and engine. Take a few videos inside and out for serious buyers that you can send during the process. You’ll want to address the bigger mechanical issues unless you plan on selling your vehicle “as is” at a reduced price. Black Book acquires its pricing data from wholesale auctions and retail transactions nationwide. High mileage, vehicle damage, and the cost to recondition the car for resale all have an impact on the overall value of your car.

Sites To Sell Your Car

When the buyer decides that your car is the one for them, and you’ve agreed on a sales price, the smartest next step is determining which payment option works best. For example, touchless online payments, such as Zelle or PayPal, or cashier’s checks, are safe ways to collect payment. All these payment options keep your bank information hidden and your personal information safe as the buyer pays you directly for the car.

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Most professional detailers offer a paint correction service, and it will help restore your car’s finish. This isn’t a show car, where a multi-step correction aims at a like-new shine. Instead, a single step should be enough to restore shine and remove the appearance of scratches to improve the value of your used car.

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