Ging Koen Glish Business Hair extensions, hair wigs and hair vulumisers are Hair Loss Coverups

Hair extensions, hair wigs and hair vulumisers are Hair Loss Coverups

These remedies for hair loss were far more complicated years ago. But today they are an option for many, and often can be performed with minimal fuss. There are many options.


The modern hairpiece has become a piece of art. Many people with severe hair loss will benefit from these hairpieces. They can be used to instantly transform their hair and give them a sleek, beautiful look. There are many options that can be purchased at different price points so you can achieve your desired results.

There are two types of hair: real or synthetic. The price will vary. Many people will purchase two hair pieces with the same style so that one can be taken care of or damaged deep wave hair.

A real human hair piece, customized to your taste, will retail for $600.00. There are no concerns about wearing or using the piece. Modern techniques allow you to live your normal life, worry-free, and without fear of it falling out or breaking.

Hair Extensions:

Extensions are becoming a popular choice for stylists and hair salons. It is recommended that extensions be used only with real human hair. This is often called’remy.

Most hair comes mostly from India, Russia, South America, and it is very affordable. European hair tends to be of better quality, but is much more costly. Indian hair, which is extremely thick and strong, can be cut, dyed and colored to achieve any desired hair style. Synthetic hair extensions were also available long before human hair became popular.

However, synthetic hair cannot replicate real hair’s properties and is now considered a bad choice. However, the price is low, so it is still appealing to some consumers.

Hair extensions can be attached using many techniques. Before you accept a particular technique or are forced to by a stylist, it is important that you fully understand all the options.

Extensions come as what is known to be a ‘weft’ of hair. It’s basically a matched set of hairs that will serve as the base for the procedure of attaching them. The attachment methods include braiding or weaving, glueing, braiding, and attaching hair with small anchors.

Extensions need at least 3-4 inches to work. They are also viable for those with short hair.

Extensions can be expensive. But if you don’t have a lot of money, you will be amazed at the results. A job in extensions will cost you at least $500. It will require additional maintenance at 3 month intervals because the hair grows under the extensions.


Hair implants are no longer a problem. They can be incredibly ugly and leave scarring on the scalp that take several weeks to heal. Modern surgery replaces your hair in a non-offending manner and causes the least scalp damage. Hair roots that are genetically resistant to DHT will last a lifetime.

These are taken from at the rear of the head and placed below the affected areas. They help to thicken the existing hair and disperse it where it is required. While it isn’t cheap, modern techniques make this an affordable option.

Hair Thickners/Volumisers:

Shampoos are often claimed to have thickening qualities. What happens is that the hair shaft is stretched along its length. Then, it is stimulated to get a wider girth.

This temporary remedy can lead to hair falling out. You can also get thicker hair with some powders that cover bald spots.

These are for cosmetic use only and are not permanent. It is worth it if it makes it easier to enjoy that special night out.



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