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Facial Dandruff Seborrheic Dermatitis Causes and Treatments

If your beard dandruff is caused by dry skin, using a strong cleanser can make things worse as it will dry your skin out even more. Instead, choose a gentler cleanser designed to lock in moisture. And texture, Gentle Vikings Beard Wash will effectively deal with beard dandruff without stripping your skin of its natural oils. So how does lactic acid work in preventing and getting rid of beard dandruff? Lactic acid cleaners tend to be an exfoliating agent that works to remove dead cells on the skin. Beard brushes tend to promote new hair growth while preventing hair loss. The bristles on beard brushes massage the skin, which increases blood flow to the skin follicles.

How to Treat a Beard Dandruff Flare up

There’s a microbe that lives on the faces of most people, and it’s called Malassezia globosa. It’s a kind of fungus that grows and thrives in oily skin areas full of sebaceous glands – like your scalp and your face. If you have particularly oily skin, it can lead this fungus to grow even more – and the by-products created by the fungus can cause irritation to some people. And over time, the accumulation of all of this can cause a flaky beard due to the shedding of the skin. Read more about mjäll skägg here. You wouldn’t make haste with your hair styling regimen, so give your beard the same care. “The biggest mistake guys make is rushing their grooming time and not making their routine a habit,” says celebrity groomer Jessica Ortiz. Beard dandruff is a skin condition like scalp dandruff, and causes redness, itchiness and flaky skin.

Nutrient-dense foods are essential for a well-balanced diet. The right vitamins and minerals help keep your skin and beard healthy. It may sound silly, but your body functions best when you have plenty of rest. When you get enough sleep, your overall health is better. Put your razor and clippers away, allowing your beard to grow without interference. After this onset of lockdown due to the covid pandemic, people are restricted to the walls of their houses. But, prolonged exposure to the outer surface leads to dandruff issues.

OTC products

To get rid of beard dandruff, you need to not only clean your beard but use beard grooming products like beard oil and beard balm. When it comes to beard dandruff treatment, your typical facial moisturizer may not cut it.

Rub a few drops of oil between your hands and massage it into the skin under your beard, working it through to the ends of your beard. You can always add more if it feels like you didn’t reach your whole beard. Before cleaning your beard, gently massage the skin under your beard with the brush.

How to get rid of dandruff

If you don’t clean them away, they can clog pores and trap even more dirt. By physically brushing your beard with a brush, you can bring all the dead and flaking skin to the surface and rinse it away. This clears all the visible dirt and debris so the rest of your products can tackle the deeper issues. But because exfoliating can irritate the skin, it’s only recommended that you do these 2 or 3 times per week. Beard dandruff is annoying, especially when it’s not treated. It can be caused by many things from fungal infections, underlying skin conditions, dry skin to minoxidil side effects.

With this expert advice from dermatologists, you can often treat five of the most common problems at home. These microbes play a role in breaking down sebaceous gland oils on the surface of your skin. The microbes then leave behind a substance called oleic acid. Research shows that including regular exposure to the outdoors, especially where the air is more fresh, can help reduce oil buildup on the scalp.

We researched and compared dozens of hair products for men to find the 11 best products you can use to style or regrow your hair. The good news is that many cases of dandruff can be treated effectively with over-the-counter shampoos and other lifestyle measures. People who tend to have oilier hair or live with certain illnesses (such as Parkinson’s disease or HIV) are also at higher risk. You may have started to notice symptoms around puberty, but dandruff can develop at any age.

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