Day: October 21, 2022

Differences Between Western and Chinese Culture: Dealing With MoneyDifferences Between Western and Chinese Culture: Dealing With Money

One of the maximum vital traditions of a Chinese is to have fun every years Chinese New Year. When I was celebrating Chinese New Year in my united states, I get to recognize some thing new. Chinese New Year is one of the most crucial factors that cause Chinese a race which generate masses of wealth inside the world.

When you get to meet a Chinese throughout Chinese how do you say money in chinese New Year, he/she will greet “Gong Xi Fa Chai” to nearly everyone. First could be their parents, circle of relatives, buddies, loved ones and each person they get to be in contact with. The power of those 4 words comes from the that means of it. “Gong Xi Fa Chai” method congratulations for getting rich in Chinese language. It doesn’t depend you are rich or now not, they greet you in this kind of manner. These will create the following effects

Chinese who greet or greet with the aid of others will have those four words repeat of their mind regularly. After repeating some of these years, Chinese like money. Their mindset approximately cash isn’t horrific or evil. They like cash and they’re no longer shy to admit that. A character who like cash and have a fantastic view about money draws money to him/her. They entice money making possibilities and shape conduct to make extra money in lifestyles.

Every Chinese New Year, they greet people in lots of methods. Beside “Gong Xi Fa Chai”, in addition they greet humans for being wholesome, reap what they want, make extra cash, achievement in what they may be doing and many others. During Chinese New Year, they are not shy or enjoy inauthentic once they greet human beings. These allow Chinese to shape a completely advantageous mind-set for themselves. Chinese additionally have exclusive form of meals that represents exceptional luck and superb events. They also are not allowed to speak bad words at some point of Chinese New Year especially the phrase “die”.

People who are greeting each different are a form of generosity. When you greet a person, it’s a form of being beneficiant to a person together with your phrases and contributions. Being beneficiant to each other is one in every of mindset most millionaire have. Millionaires or successful humans are beneficiant acknowledging people, contributing to others and empowering human beings round them.

All these behavior and the culture of Chinese New Year does effect all Chinese. It educates Chinese indirectly about money and finance. Even you are not Chinese, you can be with Chinese and practice what they do in the course of Chinese New Year. Chinese will usually welcome others who greet them all through Chinese New Year!

Bottled Water and Government Small Business Set Asides – A Marketing OpportunityBottled Water and Government Small Business Set Asides – A Marketing Opportunity

The Federal Government and many State and Local Government agencies offer a valuable contract preference to bottled water companies who qualify as small businesses.

This preference grew out of the desire of the Federal  مياه نوفا Government to help small businesses capture government contracts for drinking water and the small business preference for bottled water companies can be very relevant and very valuable.

The home and office bottled water delivery business is dominated by two large companies and one is foreign owned which gives small American companies an additional advantage. The first large bottled water company is Nestle, a Swiss company, that bottles and markets water under many brand names like Deer Park, Poland Springs and Arrow Head among others.

The second company is DS Waters, a large business owned by the investment firm Kelso & Co. that markets under many brand names including Crystal Springs and Sparkletts.

Neither Nestle nor DS Waters qualify as small businesses.

It is a fact that, in the government purchasing world, agencies prefer American companies that qualify as small businesses.

The small business preference means that, if an opportunity is designated a small business set aside, only small businesses can bid and win government contracts. Even though large companies are extremely aggressive and often predatory in their pricing, they are legally precluded from bidding on small business set aside contracts. This is good business for small bottled water companies.

Approximately 25% of all Federal government opportunities are set aside for small business. Remember this is 25% of the total business and specific industries like bottled water may be higher. State and local set asides are also a large percentage of total business.

The small business preference is especially valuable for water manufactures because the Federal small business rules classify a water manufacturer as a small business as having less than 500 employees. Both Nestle and DS Waters have more than 500 employees.

Therefore if you are a water manufacturer with less than 500 employees you can bid and win Federal, State and Local contracts.

In addition, since water is heavy and distribution costs are a large part of the price to the customer, a small business water manufacturer has a natural advantage in capturing business if they are located near government offices or installations. Of course, government marketing is different from the standard rules of commercial marketing but Federal, State and Local procurement regulations are well documented and establish a level playing field for all bidders.

So, if your company is a small manufacturer, you should pursue government business at all levels. It is profitable and the best part is that you don’t have to compete with Nestlé or DS Waters!